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Scanpan CSX Cookware Set Review

You may not have seen a Scanpan CSX cookware set review before. Scanpan cookware is becoming very popular and rightfully so. Scanpan CSX cookware is a 5-ply brushed stainless steel exterior, aluminum layers on the inside and stainless steel as the cooking surface. It has a clean contemporary look. Glass lids have stainless steel edges and are vented. A great feature of Scanpan cookware is their PFOA free nonstick surface. It is a high quality healthy nonstick surface made of titanium and ceramic. Scanpan CSX cookware is induction capable, even though some reports show it is not. Scanpan is made in Denmark.

Scanpan CSX Cookware Set Review

New cookware has a way of bringing out hidden creativity in people!

Perhaps you have some old scratched nonstick cookware and concerned over health reasons. Maybe they are slightly warped and don’t lay flat. Perhaps you have mismatched cookware or some that is chipped or peeling. Maybe yours sticks too much, doesn’t perform the way you would like it to, and perhaps you want a cookware set that is healthy.

If you are like me, I have some cookware that has been passed down from my parents and other family members. I have a little bit of everything. I know I get tired of some pieces that are warped and don’t lay flat. It would be nice to have cookware with comfortable handles that stay cool, heats evenly and all the way up the sides of the cookware, and maybe even uses less heat. And it would be great if it could last for many years to come!

Healthy Cookware Sets

Healthy cookware sets tend to be stainless steel, cast iron, enameled cast iron, stoneware or clay. Stainless steel is common and popular because they can be put into the dishwasher and the cooking surface does not leech into the food. I reviewed a lot of cookware to come up with the one cookware set that is better than all the rest. I am very comfortable with my selection, even after looking at cookware from All-Clad, Le Creuset, Staub, Emile Henry and Calphalon.

Scanpan CSX Cookware Set Review

The Scanpan CSX Cookware Set Wins for Best Quality Healthy Cookware Set

Scanpan cookware is fast become my favorite cookware. I like the look and feel of Scanpan. It is very solid cookware that is built to last. The stainless steel is solid and very attractive. Because it is built so well and includes 3 layers of aluminum in the core of the cookware, it heats very quickly and evenly. Home cooks of all caliber will love the cookware because it is easy to use. The set comes complete with just about every piece one might need:

  • Fry Pan – 10.25″
  • Fry Pan – 12.50″
  • Fry Pan – 10.25″ with Titanium Ceramic nonstick surface
  • Covered Sauté Pan – 11″
  • Covered Sauce Pan – 1 qt
  • Covered Sauce Pan – 3 qt
  • Covered Stock Pot – 8 qt
  • Pasta Insert – 8 qt

Cooking enthusiasts will like the pasta insert for making and draining pasta quickly. With 3 skillets, one being nonstick, a cook can whip up any kind of meal quickly.

REVIEW: What I Liked

  1. The PFOA-free nonstick skillet included in a stainless steel cookware set is a huge advantage allowing one to saute for the fond and cook delicate eggs or fish in the nonstick skillet
  2. Vented lids work exceptionally well and reduce mess when cleaning up
  3. The 12 1/2″ skillet is a great size and rarely included in cookware sets
  4. The glass on the lids is very handy to see what is cooking
  5. It is very well built and solid
  6. Very flat non-warping bottoms are great on any stove, especially flat top stoves
  7. Dishwasher safe
  8. The handles are very comfortable and stay cool

REVIEW: What I Didn’t Like

  1. It’s hard to find anything wrong with this cookware. If anything, I wish it had a steamer insert. The pasta insert can work but one has to watch the water level.

YCH Cookware Dashboard

Healthy? Dishwasher Safe? Induction Ready? Price?
Healthy Cookware Dishwasher Safe Induction Ready Premium Price
Outside Material? Inside Material? Oven Safe? Clad?
Brushed Stainless Steel Stainless Steel 500 Degrees Fully Clad


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Features How It Benefits You!
checkmark Stainless Steel Flat Bottom Great for all FLAT top stoves>
checkmark Aluminum core Keeps it lightweight and even heat distribution
checkmark PFOA-free Nonstick Excellent healthy nonstick surface that can take higher heat levels
checkmark Brushed stainless steel exterior Attractive and doesn’t show spots like regular stainless steel
checkmark Cast stainless steel handles Easy to hold. Stays cool.
checkmark Induction ready Future proof for induction stove tops
checkmark Oven safe to 500 degrees Expands the cooking techniques you can use
checkmark Dishwasher safe Easy to clean.
checkmark Lifetime Limited Warranty It’s a risk free purchase

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Le Creuset Bakeware

Le Creuset bakeware offers a large assortment of their enameled stoneware. Le Creuset stoneware is a lighter weight variety of their famous enameled cast iron cookware. They have 17 items for cooking and baking alone; these include a round casserole, three sizes of an oval dish, square dish, roasting pan, loaf pan, pie dish and more. Available colors are red, kiwi, cobalt, dark chestnut, white, and Caribbean.

Le Creuset‘s almost non-porous stoneware is fired at 2,156 degrees, which gives it unparalleled resistance to chipping, cracking and staining. It is a hygienic cooking surface that will not absorb odors or flavors. Handles, knobs, and rims are made for easy, slip free gripping and pouring. Le Creuset traditional stoneware goes in your microwave, oven, broiler, refrigerator or freezer, but not your stovetop. It is meant to go from oven-to-table with a bold, colorful, and unforgettable presentation appropriate for family or important guests. The multi-purpose nature of these dishes means less clean up too.

Le Creuset traditional stoneware has a lifetime limited warranty. It can be used in the oven with temperatures up to 500 degrees. It is microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

Le Creuset Bakeware

  • Stoneware maintains even temperatures and prevents scorching
  • Unmatched thermal resistance – safe for freezer, microwave, oven, broiler and dishwasher
  • Dense stoneware blocks moisture absorption to prevent cracking, crazing and rippling
  • Impermeable exterior enamel resists scratches and stains, and is safe for cutting on with knives
  • Nearly-nonstick glazed interior easily releases foods for quick cleanup

Brand Product Cookware

Stoneware is a more fragile cookware material than cast iron. Many users say their Le Creuset stoneware chips or breaks too quickly. If you get their stoneware, please handle with care.

Healthy? Dishwasher Safe? Induction Ready? Price?
Healthy Cookware Dishwasher Safe NOT Induction Ready Medium Price
Outside Material? Inside Material? Oven Safe? Clad?
Enamel Enamel 500 Degrees Not Needed

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Brand Product Cookware Details

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Le Creuset Cookware

Le Creuset cookware, enameled cast iron cookware, is one of the top 3 makers in the world. Attractive as much as it is functional, it is a mandatory piece of cookware in every complete kitchen. Le Creuset has been making one of a kind, cast iron cookware since 1925. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron comes in 10 different categories. There are round ovens, oval ovens and soup pots, buffet casseroles and saucepans, skillets, grill pans, roasters and specialty items, and a garden collection. Trivets and sets, accessories, and Dijon round out the choices. Le Creuset sells several different types of enameled cast iron sets, ranging from every possible piece imaginable to frying sets to mix and match sets including their stainless steel and stoneware products.

Le Creuset enameled cast iron cookware is durable vitreous enamel and prevents the cast iron from rusting, assists with cleanup, and creates a nonstick surface. Le Creuset cast iron cookware is best known for its heating properties. The thick walls and bases of this cookware make it function best at a medium heat setting. This cookware is ideal for all kinds of slow cooking, as well as keeping the food warm for a long period of time after it’s ready.

Le Creuset Cookware

Le Creuset cookware has a colorful, long-lasting exterior enamel that resists chipping and cracking. The interior enamel is engineered to resist staining and dulling. The sand-colored interior enamel makes it easy to monitor food as it cooks, preventing burning and sticking. Le Creuset oversized handles provide even weight distribution and a secure grip. The ergonomic composite knobs are heat resistant to 500°F. Le Creuset cookware even has built-in lid stabilizers to provide a secure, no-slide fit. Le Creuset is also the lightest weight per quart of any premium cast iron cookware available.

Le Creuset Cookware

Le Creuset enamel is not only pretty but also very functional. Le Creuset reviewers say their enamel cleans better than others and doesn’t stain. 

Healthy? Dishwasher Safe? Induction Ready? Price?
Healthy Cookware Dishwasher Safe Induction Ready Premium Price
Outside Material? Inside Material? Oven Safe? Clad?
Enamel Enamel 500 Degrees Not Needed

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Le Creuset Cookware Details

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The Growing Cast Iron Cookware Set

A Cast Iron Cookware set is not a dream anymore! Cast iron cookware is favored by cooks who like the healthy and naturally nonstick surface of cast iron. Cooks will be pleased to know that manufacturers are making additional cast iron cookware pieces that make up a full cookware set. What was once just a frying pan and Dutch oven, is now growing to include casserole dishes, sauce pans, saute pans, and other essential pieces of cookware. Enameled cast iron cookware is leading the trend with its luxurious colors and added food storage capabilities.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware Set

The Popularity of Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware has been popular for a very long time because of its heat distribution and retention capabilities. Still a camp favorite for that overnight camping trip, new variations of cast iron cookware introduce colors and flexibility with enameled surfaces. Manufacturers are creating essential cookware pieces made of enameled cast iron with colors that fit any kitchen decor. Able to go from stove top or oven right to the kitchen table in fashionable style makes cast iron as popular as ever. Some enameled surfaces, being non reactive with food, even allow for marinating food and food storage after it is cooked.

The Growing Cast Iron Cookware Set

A standard cast iron cookware set will include:

  • A skillet / frying pan / omelet pan
  • A Dutch oven / French oven / large casserole dish w/ lid
  • The growing cookware set can include:
  • A sauce / saucier pan w/ lid
  • A saute pan w/ lid
  • A buffet casserole dish w/ lid
  • A panini pan w/ press
  • New cookware and styles being introduced all the time!

Seasoning and Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware

 Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Traditional cast iron needs to be seasoned. Seasoning cast iron cookware is a process of adding a quality oil to the inside of the cookware and baking it for an hour at 350 degrees. The seasoning process fills in the porous surface providing a naturally non stick surface. Enameled cast iron cookware does not need to be seasoned.

Always be sure to read the care and use instructions of your cast iron cookware. Most will recommend hand washing, even the enameled items that can be placed in an automatic dishwasher. Traditional pieces definitely need to be hand washed and dried immediately.

Cast iron cookware, always a kitchen favorite, is growing even more popular with luxuriously colored enamel surfaces and essential cookware pieces. Popular brands like Le Creuset, Staub, Lodge, and Calphalon have attractive and functional cast iron cookware pieces. As new pieces become available, they are being added to cookware sets, growing what was once a stingy 3 piece cookware set into full fledge 7 to 9 piece sets.

Happy Cooking!


Healthy Cookware and Safe Cookware Trends

Healthy cookware has come of age. I see more safe cookware on the market than ever before. Here are the trends I see.

First, let me confirm that there are no changes in the safety of teflon or other traditional nonstick coatings that contain PFOA and PTFE. On their website, DuPont continues to claim that their coating is safe to cook with using normal temperatures. When overheated they acknowledge the fumes are toxic and cause a condition in humans called polymer fume fever. The potential danger comes from overheating the pan, scratches through the coating to the real cookware material, and harm from ingesting peeling flakes of the nonstick coating. More information can be found in my original article about safe and healthy cookware.

Second, let me confirm there are no changes in the safety of anodized aluminum. All manufacturers still advertise the material as safe. The potential danger comes from scratches in the surface that can lead to aluminum leaching into your food. More information on the aluminum issue can be found in my article about Anodized Aluminum Cookware.

Healthy Cookware is Safe Cookware

If you want the assurance you are cooking with healthy cookware for you and your children, you have alternatives. You don’t have to be afraid high heat or scratches in the cooking surface are leaching harmful chemicals into your food. There are many selections that are considered healthy cookware.

Stainless Steel Cookware

Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Cookware SetStainless steel cookware is still some of the healthiest cookware available. One choice you will have to make when it comes to stainless steel is the non-clad, clad, and if clad, how much. Stainless steel cookware that is not clad will be inexpensive, but not very good cookware. Stainless steel by itself does not distribute heat very well. Consequently, cookware manufacturers insert a layer of aluminum and sometimes copper, in between the layers of stainless steel. This is called clad. The inserted aluminum is perfectly safe and cannot touch your food. Some stainless steel clad cookware only has the aluminum on the base where it distributes heat very well across the bottom. The more expensive and best performing cookware has aluminum fully clad not only on the base but also up the side walls. This surrounds your food with excellent heating and usually takes less heat to properly cook food.

Stainless steel clad cookware is usually 3 or 5 layers. Sometimes you will find 7 layer cookware. The added layers can help, but usually just add to the cost.

My favorite Stainless Steel Cookware Set is the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro. It is reasonably priced and the quality is near All-Clad quality. I’ve been using some pieces for a long time and love them.

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Cast Iron Cookware

Staub Coq au VinCast iron cookware comes in 2 varieties: preseasoned or enameled. The old standard is the preseasoned which builds up a near nonstick surface over time. Enameled cast iron cookware is very attractive with a variety of colors, and offers a near nonstick surface also. Cast iron cookware is heavy. It is not great to use on flat top stoves because of the weight and possible scratching.

My favorite cast iron cookware comes from Lodge. Whether preseasoned or enameled, Lodge is excellent quality and offered at bargain prices compared to the very high quality Le Creuset or Staub.

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Ceramic Cookware and Clay Cookware

Healthy Cookware - Emile Henry BrazierCookware manufacturers are offering more ceramic type cookware, usually as an interior coating. It tries to compete with the nonstick coatings and some do a pretty decent job. While most clay cookware is for inside the oven, there is 1 brand that has an excellent product for stovetop use also. Clay cookware offers superb heating characteristics.

My favorite Clay Cookware is the Emile Henry Flame Top Cookware.

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“Green” Cookware

Lastly we have a selection of cookware advertised as “green” or eco-friendly. Some of these have ceramic interiors. We have to be careful of some advertised as “green” because while they take some measures to be eco-friendly, they still have chemicals either in the product or used in the manufacturing stages. Not all of those are bad either, making the choices even more difficult. The only ones I suggest being really careful of are the ones advertised on TV having marble, concrete, or diamonds in the cooking surface.

My favorite “green” cookware is Scanpan. More than just a coating, the cooking surface is an integral part of the cookware and very good at being nonstick. And it is dishwasher safe.

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Another one I like that has survived my long-term testing is the Cuisinart GreenGourmet.

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A Complete Healthy Cookware Set

As a final word I’d like to recommend a tip. As the founder of the Home Cooking Academy, offering online cooking classes, I push my cookware to the limits. My personal preference is stainless steel, but stainless steel is horrible for delicate dishes like eggs and fish. Add cheese to your omelet and you’ll have a cleaning mess as it will stick badly to stainless steel. Regardless of which route someone takes, I always recommend a stainless steel and a nonstick skillet, preferably 12″. A stainless steel skillet is excellent for saute and searing food where you’ll deglaze the pan with a cold liquid to make a great sauce. The nonstick skillet will be used for your omelets and fish fillet dishes at lower heat levels. Scanpan and Cuisinart GreenGourmet are excellent choices for the healthy nonstick skillets. A Cuisinart Multiclad Pro skillet is great if you have a set of something other than stainless steel.


Cookware and Cookware Trends – Updated November 2013

Cookware and cookware trends need to be reviewed annually. What cookware product lines that have been dropped is as important as what is added. Cookware and kitchen trends are always fun to watch. While some new fangled devices make a big hit, others fall into obscurity. It’s interesting to see new advances in cookware trends in terms of colors, usability features, handle designs, and cladding of materials. In this article, I take a look at cookware trends I see and review popular cookware brands.

Staub Cast Iron Cookware

Cookware and Cookware Trends

There are 4 trends I see happening in the cookware marketplace:

  1. Cookware manufacturer websites are transforming in a bad way. It is getting harder to navigate and find detailed information. They tend to push selected products and sell direct from their own websites where the store is the only place to get information. What is the purpose of MSRP when they discount on their own sites? They are moving away from spelling out clearly why each product line exists or what differentiates one from another. Cuisinart does one of the best jobs with their cookware products page offering a helpful cookware comparison.
  2. Many cookware manufacturers are expanding into other kitchen products, namely kitchen electronics and cutlery. Slow cookers, sandwich presses, immersion blenders, toasters, and indoor grills are popular.
  3. Color choices are increasing. Gone are the days when a kitchen had to choose between black, silver, or red. When the enamel cast iron colors exploded on the scene, kitchens around the world lit up in color. Rachael Ray rocked the industry with her signature orange and unique cookware shapes. Today various colors are coming out for the entire cookware line. Anolon, Circulon, and Farberware, of Meyer Manufacturing, offer grey, bronze, red, titanium, orange, and chocolate colors.
  4. Mutli-function devices are making new inroads into the kitchen. Just like the convection microwave, today we can see coffee-maker, toaster, and griddle all-in-one units. Waring has a rotisserie turkey deep fryer and steamer. Single and multi-purpose devices and gadgets are swamping the market. Kitchen stores see mango pitters, strawberry cutters, corn huskers, corn holders, corn butterers, etc. fill walls of kitchen gadgets sure to fill countless kitchen drawers.

What’s New and Available in Cookware Brands

While many brands are reducing their product offerings, a few are expanding. Here’s a round-up of popular brands with what’s in and what’s out.


Five Current Product Lines:

  1. D5 Brushed Stainless Steel
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Copper Core
  4. MC2
  5. Hard Anodized

Cop-r-Chef has been discontinued, which had a copper exterior and stainless steel interior. Products are still available at and other stores.

All-Clad LTD2 no longer an active product line. The dishwasher safe hard anodized aluminum exterior with stainless steel interiors has been discontinued. Items are still available  at and other stores.

D5 Brushed Stainless Steel – gaining in prominence. The 5 layer cookware incorporates advanced usability features already found in competitors like Cuisinart. Shiny induction ready stainless steel exterior and the new starburst brushed stainless steel interior (designed for less stick performance) is a solid addition to the product line.


Six current product lines:

  1. Advanced
  2. Advanced Bronze
  3. Chef Clad
  4. Nouvelle Copper
  5. Nouvelle Copper Stainless
  6. Ultra Clad

Chef Clad  – dishwasher safe brushed aluminum exterior, aluminum clad and polished stainless steel interior. The aluminum base is encapsulated with magnetic stainless steel for induction ready cooking.  Oven safe to 500 degrees.

Ultra Clad – Dishwasher safe fully clad aluminum interior with stainless steel inside and out. Attractive black nonstick band on the outside. Induction ready and oven safe to 400 degrees.

Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel – Stainless steel inside and out. Fully encapsulated base has aluminum and copper. Dishwasher safe.


Twelve Primary Product Lines:

  1. AccuCore Stainless Steel – NEW!
  2. Commercial Hard Anodized – NEW!
  3. Contemporary Nonstick
  4. Contemporary Nonstick Bronze – NEW!
  5. Contemporary Stainless Steel
  6. Simply Easy System Nonstick – NEW!
  7. Simply Enamel
  8. Simply Enamel Cast Iron
  9. Simply Nonstick
  10. Simply Stainless Steel
  11. Tri-ply Stainless Steel
  12. Unison Nonstick

Calphalon, owned by Newell Rubbermaid, is trying to look like Anolon, owned by World Kitchens. Their website colors and addition of bronze cookware is eerily similar. They used to have a lot of product lines, cut back on them, and now once again have many lines to offer. The problem with such variety leaves one wondering if they can really be so good with so many?


Nine Current Product Lines:

  1. Classic
  2. Contempo
  3. Contempo Red
  4. Contempo Stainless Steel
  5. Elite
  6. Elite Platinum
  7. Infinite
  8. Symmetry
  9. Symmetry Chocolate

Symmetry is a new dishwasher safe line. It is tulip shaped like the Anolon Nouvelle. Glass lids. DuPont Autograph 3 layer nonstick surfaces inside and out with the TOTAL food release system inside. Impact bonded stainless steel base makes it suitable on all cooking surfaces.  Hard anodized aluminum core.

Contempo Red is a new dishwasher safe product line featuring pour spouts and a modern look.  DuPont Autograph 3 layer nonstick surfaces inside and out.  Red exterior and large silicone handles.  Like Anolon, Circulon is part of the Meyer Manufacturing family, having many features shared between brands.

Contempo Stainless Steel is exactly like the Contempo and Contempo Red but with a shiny stainless steel exterior.


CorningWare has dramatically reduced their product lines to just 3:

  1. Etch
  2. Simply Lite
  3. French White

Etch is stoneware with artisan details. One year warranty.

French White is also stoneware in a basic fluted white color and timeless design. One year warranty.

Simply Lite is a glass material half the weight of traditional ceramic bakeware. Three year warranty.


Cuisinart has 13 product lines:

  1. Chef Classic Stainless Steel Color
  2. French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless Steel
  3. MultiClad Unlimited Professional Clad
  4. MultiClad Pro
  5. Dishwasher Safe Anodized Aluminum
  6. GreenGourmet Tri-Ply Stainless Steel
  7. GreenGourmet Hard Anodized Aluminum
  8. Chef Classic Stainless Steel
  9. Chef Classic Nonstick Hard Anodized Aluminum
  10. Chef Classic Nonstick Stainless Steel
  11. Contour Stainless Steel
  12. Contour Hard Anodized Aluminum
  13. Advantage Nonstick
  14. Chef Classic Enameled Cast Iron

While many cookware manufacturers have been decreasing their active product lines, Cuisinart has been expanding.

Here’s a look at the newer lines:

French Stainless Steel – made in France and fully clad tri-ply construction of a pure aluminum core and stainless steel outsides.  (Fully clad means the aluminum core is not just on the bottom, but fully clad up the side walls.)

Contour – Very similar to the Chef Classic line, except a curvier shape, and glass lids vs stainless steel lids. Both are budget oriented with clad only on the bottom.

Advantage Nonstick is very budget oriented designed to be starter cookware sets. It has many advanced features, but priced this inexpensively, they skimped somewhere. Reviews are very mixed. May be fine as a starter set, but don’t think it can handle aggressive cooking.

Cast Iron – With Lodge, Staub, and Le Creuset out there, I question why Cuisinart would offer a cast iron product. However, reviewers love the product!  They say it is dishwasher safe, and while it may be, I’d be careful washing this in the dishwasher. Should the porcelain ever get chipped or cracked, dishwasher use will accelerate the problem.


Demeyere is a very high-end Belgian cookware line. One new product line has been added, the Industry. It has an American style with European know-how. Availability is very limited for all Demeyere products. Since being bought out by Zwilling, of Henckel fame, I hope the availability of Demeyere cookware will improve.


Emeril now has 6 product lines:

  1. Pro-Clad
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Hard Anodized Aluminum
  4. Hard Enamel Aluminum
  5. Enamel Cast Iron
  6. Pre Seasoned Cast Iron

Emerilware is still supported by All-Clad. While All-Clad is made in America, Emerilware is made in China to offer a price advantage. Emerilware also offers some design features he had built in, not found anywhere else.

I still like the Pro-Clad, Stainless Steel, and Hard Anodized Aluminum product lines.

Emile Henry

Emile Henry is an innovative French manufacturer of cookware, bakeware, and kitchen items. Like CorningWare used to be, Emile Henry designed the Flame Top cookware product line that is a clay material suitable for both stove top and inside the stove use.

Emile Henry quality is extraordinary. They make:

  1. Natural Chic Colors
  2. Urban Colors
  3. Classic Colors
  4. Flame Ceramic Cookware
  5. Flame Barbeque Cookware

The items come in these types of cookware:

  1. Braisers
  2. Dutch Ovens
  3. Baking Stones
  4. Grilling Cookware
  5. Pizza Stones
  6. Risotto Pots
  7. Roasters
  8. Tagines
  9. Woks

Considered healthy cookware, Emile Henry products make great gifts for all levels of cooks.


Farberware is also part of the Meyer family, along with Anolon, Circulon, Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, Silverstone, and KitcheAid. Farberware has 10 active product lines, all priced very inexpensively:

  1. Affiniti Porcelain
  2. Classic Aluminum
  3. Classic Stainless Steel
  4. Millennium Aluminum
  5. Millennium Stainless Steel
  6. Porcelain
  7. Premium Nonstick
  8. Superior
  9. High Performance Nonstick
  10. Dishwasher Safe Nonstick

One of the distinctive features of Farberware is that most of their products, except for the Millennium Stainless Steel, are only oven safe to 350 degrees.

Most Farberware Cookware sets are street priced under $100.


KitchenAid, part of the Meyer family, is well known for their mixers and food processors. In terms of cookware, KitchenAid offers 6 product lines:

  1. Hard Anodized Aluminum Nonstick
  2. Porcelain Nonstick
  3. Gourmet Distinctions
  4. Gourmet Stainless Steel
  5. Gourmet Porcelain
  6. Gourmet Hard Anodized

All of their product lines were recently revamped. Sometimes it is not easy to find KitchenAid cookware, and their website doesn’t even link to them anymore. One has to really search to find them.

Prices for KitchenAid sets run up into the $200’s.

Le Creuset

Known as one of the best makers of enameled cast iron cookware, Le Creuset has 4 product lines:

  1. Enameled Cast Iron
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Enamel on Steel
  4. Stoneware

They also offer dishwasher safe nonstick skillets in hard anodized aluminum and stainless steel that are hot forged, assured to never chip or flake.  Reviewers LOVE this line of cookware claiming it is the best nonstick cookware available. A newer product line is the Heritage Cookware Collection which brings back some earlier designs with current manufacturing processes.


Lodge is largely an American cast iron cookware manufacturer. While they make the preseasoned products in America, the enameled cookware is made overseas. Lodge has 4 product lines:

  1. Seasoned Cast Iron
  2. Enamel Cast Iron
  3. Seasoned Steel
  4. Stainless Steel

Known for their lower priced pre-seasoned cast iron and enameled cast iron cookware, Lodge has expanded with serving wares to help the home cook offer the same sizzle as restaurants.

Very new is their seasoned steel, whether at home or on the campsite, and the Elements set of stainless steel and cast iron.

I have several pieces from Lodge and they are made very well and perform well.

Lodge is going through an identity crisis. They keep re-categorizing their product lines, grouping and regrouping products in different named categories. I wish they would stop.

Their enamel cookware is made in China under strict supervision, and produces products very near Le Creuset and Staub quality, but priced significantly less.

Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray cookware is part of the Meyer family. She has 3 current product lines:

  1. Hard Anodized Aluminum
  2. Porcelain Enamel
  3. Stainless Steel

Now in their 2nd generation of products, the stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum cookware offers updated features and performance.

The porcelain enamel line is NOT recommended for glass/ceramic stovetops and is not dishwasher safe.

Rachael Ray cookware is famous for the color schemes and cook-friendly shapes.

The hard anodized aluminum cookware is dishwasher safe, even those with nonstick interiors.


Scanpan is made in Denmark and famous for their PFOA-free GreenTek surface. Considered healthy, the interior surface is not a coating, but rather integrated into the cookware itself. All products are dishwasher safe. Scanpan has expanded recently with 8 product lines:

  1. Classic
  2. CSX
  3. CTX
  4. Fusion 5
  5. Impact
  6. IQ
  7. Professional
  8. Maitre D’

The CTX has a stainless steel exterior and modern look while the Classic and Professional have pressure cast aluminum exteriors. The professional and CTX lines have stainless steel handles where the classic has phenolic resin.

With very flat surfaces Scanpan is great for flat top stoves. The CTX line is induction ready.

I’ve used a Scanpan Classic frypan for 5 years now and washed it in the dishweasher. It has maintained a pretty good nonstick surface, even when used with medium high heat. It shows no sign of peeling or flaking. 

The Impact and IQ lines are truly unique with the IQ line having a silicone edge and a steam valve.


Staub is a French cast iron cookware maker known for innovation and excellent design.  Like Le Creuset the colors are beautiful. Staub is well known for their innovative technology that helps the cooking process. Staub makes a wide range of products including:

  1. Cocottes (Dutch Ovens)
  2. Grill Pans and Fry Pans
  3. Mini Cocottes
  4. Presentation Cast Iron Dishes
  5. Fondue Pots
  6. Saute Pans

New for Staub are more bright and vivid colors they call Vitamins, pure white colored items, teapots, and the saute pans.


5 Mother’s Day Cookware Gift Ideas

Here are 5 Mother’s Day cookware gift ideas sure to please the mom in your life. Mother’s Day is a great time to express your love and gratitude to your Mom. Show her how much you care by selecting the right Mother’s Day cookware gift for her. When it comes to cookware, or kitchen gadgets, here are some ideas that may be right for your Mom. Finding the right kitchen or cookware gift doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of jokes about getting the wrong Mother’s Day gifts. To avoid getting the wrong gift, here are some great Mother’s Day Cookware Gift Ideas

  • What would help your Mom in the kitchen?
  • What has she expressed an interest in?
  • What would save her time and effort?
  • What would she use?

With those questions in mind, I propose some ideas.

5 Mother’s Day Cookware Gift Ideas

1 – Scanpan Healthy and Eco-Friendly Cookware

Scanpan Classic SkilletPopular items include ScanPan and Cuisinart GreenGourmet. I use both and love each one. As a gift for mom, I’d recommend the Scanpan because it is also dishwasher safe where the GreenGourmet is not. Scanpan is considered healthy cookware because it is PFOA free. PFOA is a bad chemical found in most nonstick cookware surfaces, but not Scanpan. Scanpan is durable and will quickly become mom’s favorite nonstick skillet.

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2 – A Great Stainless Steel Saute Pan (Skillet)

All-Clad Stainless Steel SkilletA 12-14″ stainless steel from All-Clad or Cuisinart is ideal. Ideal for searing or doing a saute of chicken, scallops, or even steaks, a quality stainless steel saute pan like the Cuisinart Multi-Clad Pro, All-Clad Stainless Steel D5 or Copper Core. The stainless steel will help make the fond, great for sauces and gravies. A quality skillet is necessary for good cooks because deglazing and other cooking techniques are very hard on normal quality cookware and will degrade performance. A 12″ to 14″ skillet is best for saute so the food is not crowded and steamed rather than sauteed. 

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 3 – Circulon Dishwasher Safe Nonstick Cookware

Circulon Infinite Cookware SetCirculon Infinite is my recommendation. I have several pieces and they are wonderful. Easy to clean, heat evenly, and survive the dishwasher. They make a chef pan with 2 side handles that is great for all kinds of cooking. The cookware set is a tremendous value. The inside bottom surface where the food lays on is ridged to minimize food contact with the surface. It helps the nonstick performance also. The cookware is very solid, lays perfectly flat on flat-top stoves, and heats evenly.

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4 – Le Creuset Enamel Cast Iron French Oven or Casserole Dish

Le Creuset French OvenMother’s Day is a special event and a Le Creuset French Oven will surely put a smile on her face. Guys, Le Creuset is a bit more expensive than Lodge, but mom’s want that extra quality and to be able to show off that beautiful cookware. The colors are outstanding and the quality is top notch. Le Creuset is a bit of a status symbol. Also, why is this called a French Oven when others just like it are called a Dutch Oven? Le Creuset is a French company! This is a gift she will cherish for a lifetime.

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5 – An Emile Henry Clay Tagine

Emile Henry TagineThis is perfect for the Mom that loves to cook and experiment with different cuisines! A clay Tagine is the cookware to use for Moroccan, African, and Middle Eastern dishes, but can also be used for a variety of braises and Dutch oven recipes. Attractive and useful, an Emile Henry Tagine is a wonderful piece of cookware to have. Used for dishes with long cooking times, a clay tagine slowly cooks the food while the shape of the tagine makes the steam surround the food blending flavors and making tender and flavorful meals. A tagine is a beautiful piece of cookware that is also very practical. It will become one of mom’s favorite pieces of cookware.   

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These are 5 great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. Practical and useful, any of these would go over well as a Mother’s Day present.


Happy cooking, and Happy Mother’s Day!