Healthy Cookware Sets

There are degrees of healthy cookware sets. Stainless steel is considered a healthy material, but what about the chromium or nickel compounds in the stainless steel? Today we find more nonstick cooking surfaces PFOA free. Just because it is PFOA free does that make it perfectly healthy? What about the PTFE’s? For more details about healthy cookware I refer you to my articles about healthy cookware.

Healthy cookware is subject to the same criteria I find when talking about healthy cooking. There are degrees. The Culinary Institute of America has an excellent cookbook called Techniques of Healthy Cooking. Most of the reviews are 4 and 5 stars. To my surprise I found some giving it only 1 or 2 stars complaining that it is not a healthy cooking cookbook because they have some recipes with sugar, flour, salt, rice, and a multitude of other normal ingredients. I came to the conclusion that when talking about healthy eating, healthy cooking or healthy cookware, there are really 3 distinctions.

  1. General health. This is where the vast majority of people are and can benefit from general health guidelines.
  2. Higher level health. These are folks who have much higher needs of health. No white sugar, salt, gluten or preservatives.
  3. Specific health needs. These are folks who have specific needs because of diabetes or other specific health ailments. 

The Culinary Institute of America Healthy Cooking cookbook is a excellent general health cookbook. Those who were complaining about it had higher level health needs or specific health needs. My conclusion is that when talking about health we need to specify the level of health we are referring to. If the CIA had done so with their cookbook, they probably would have gotten much higher overall reviews because readers would immediately know what level of health the book was about.

So… this healthy cookware page is about general healthy cookware. 

For higher level or specific health needs, please use the contact form to ask your healthy cookware questions.

Healthy Cookware Sets

Healthy cookware will tend to be stainless steel, cast iron, enameled cast iron, clay, stoneware or glass. What makes it healthy is that the cooking surface does not leech into or interact with the food. 

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