Cookware Brands

There are many Cookware Brands that offer excellent products. While some offer a complete line of products others are more specialized. I would like to see cookware manufacturers stick to something they are very good at rather than expand into product lines in which they do not excel. Over the years some cookware brands have expanded into so many mediocre product lines they finally wised up and reduced their product lines to a core group. 

In my 3 step cookware buying process, selecting the cookware brand is the 3rd step. As a refresher, the first 2 steps are 1) determine your cooking type, and 2) select your cookware material. Now you need to see which cookware brands make products with the materials you have chosen, and which ones are in your budget. 

Cookware Brands

Cookware Price Distribution

Is cookware expensive? It actually depends on your level of cooking. Basic cooks who roast a lot in the oven and don’t do fancy saute or deglazing will find plenty of excellent cookware in the low price range. The more one enjoys to cook and does fancier things, they will require some higher end cookware that is able to handle the higher heats and more surrounding the food with even heat. Below is a price comparison done on September 22, 2013 of 10-piece cookware sets, or the closest to 10-piece the cookware brand offered. Looking at the cost per piece, one can see the majority of cookware is in the low to medium price ranges.

Cookware Brands Price Distribution

Cookware Brands and Prices

Below is a table showing in what price ranges cookware brands fall into. This is based on the price survey done in September 2013 of 10-piece cookware sets. If a brand does not offer a set, their individual pieces were priced at the cost per piece levels. Seeing this will help one determine which cookware brands suit their price categories. Once you determine your brands, follow the links to the respective cookware brands.

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Relative Prices by Cookware Brands

Emile Henry                  
Le Creuset                  
Rachael Ray                  

Once you determine your cookware brands by material and budget, click on the brand links in the chart above. There you can see more information about the cookware product lines for that brand. Once you determine which cookware product lines are best for you, then you can move on to step 3, with confidence, that you will be buying the best cookware, for you, at the best prices.

Happy Cooking !