Q. Who is Your Cookware Helper?

A. Your Cookware Helper is consumer advocate Mark Jala. He is the President of Lakeside Analytics, Inc. which runs several websites. Mr. Jala wears many hats. As a consumer advocate he operates this website and www.YourCutleryHelper.com to help consumers make the best decision about cookware and cutlery. Passionate about cooking, Mr. Jala also operates www.HomeCookingAcademy.com which offers structured online cooking classes. Mr. Jala blogs at www.CookTalkLove.com where his mission is to build strong marriages through proper conversations around the dinner table. He is currently writing his first book which he expects to have published by late 2014.

Q. Why are comments disabled?

A. Unfortunately commenting systems are often plagued by spammers who are looking to flood a site with non-relevant links to their cause. For that reason comments are turned off. We encourage visitors to contact us directly if you have a question or concern by using our Contact form.

Q. Are you owned or controlled by any cookware manufacturer?

A. No, Your Cookware Helper is not owned, controlled, or in any way influenced by any cookware manufacturer. Your Cookware Helper is a member of the Lakeside Analytics, Inc. family of websites. We are 100% independent to provide unbiased and factual reports about the cookware covered. 

Q. There are a lot of links to Amazon. Why? Are you associated with Amazon.com?

A. Your Cookware Helper is not owned or operated by Amazon.com. We are, however, a member of their Associates Program. It is an affiliate program that does earn us a commission on sales generated from links to the Amazon site. Visitors should expect that links to any other sites are such affiliate links and do generate a commission for Your Cookware Helper. It is through these links that we are able to afford publishing this website and continue providing the services we provide.

Q. Do you receive free merchandise by cookware manufacturers?

A. Rarely, if ever, do we receive free merchandise from manufacturers or sellers of cookware. We want to be unbiased and impartial in our reviews. Receiving free merchandise hinders that mission. On rare occasions we do accept items from new brands we do not cover yet or from product lines not yet covered to see if there is a brand or product line that we should cover.

Q. I want help and I have a question. How can I contact you?

A. We welcome your questions and look forward to help you! Please use our Contact Form.

Q. Do you cover all of the cookware product lines from the brands you cover?

A. No, we do not cover all the product lines. As much as we might want to, it would not be feasible. Cookware manufacturers are regularly adding and removing product lines according to their needs. We do our best to review the better quality and more popular product lines.