Cookware Gifts

Cookware gifts are terrific. Whether it is for Father’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries, well thought out cookware gifts are universally well accepted. I love to give cookware for gifts. I try to give something they wouldn’t buy themselves. Many people use the same cookware well beyond its prime. It’s kind of like not seeing the forest through the trees. The key is to know the person you are giving a gift to. Here are some questions to ponder before buying your cookware gift:

  1. What would make their cooking easier or faster?
  2. What kind of cooking do they enjoy doing?
  3. Do they have a place to show or hang their cookware?
  4. What colors are in their kitchen?
  5. What kind of stove do they have – flat top, electric, gas, or induction?

Emile Henry Brazier Staub Grill Pan Wide Makes a Great Cookware Gift Cuisinart Green Gourmet Hard Anodized Cookware Set as a Cookware GiftLodge Color Dutch Oven

Cookware Gifts

Here are some cookware gift ideas that are universally good for gift giving at any time:

  1. Get those restaurant quality sear marks with a Cast Iron Grill Pan. Check out Lodge or Staub.
  2. If the existing cookware is old and warped, a new Cookware Set makes a wonderful gift. Check out our cookware set recommendations.
  3. How about some Eco-Friendly, Dishwasher Safe, and Nonstick cookware. Check out Scanpan.
  4. Expand culinary horizons with a clay Tagine, where braising can yield terrific new flavors and tastes. Check out Emile Henry.
  5. Colorful Dutch/French ovens or casseroles from Le Creuset, Lodge, or Staub are awesome!