Cookware College

Our Cookware College will help you understand cookware and how to buy the right cookware for you. Your Cookware Helper is a consumer advice website, providing accurate and unbiased information about cookware. Some of the information you’ll find in this section include:

  • A simple 3 step process to buying the right cookware for you
  • Nine cookware buying tips
  • What makes food stick to cookware
  • Which cookware is safe and healthy
  • Dishwasher safe cookware

Our Cookware College is divided into 2 categories. You can select the posts you need most or the category that interests you.

Cookware College

I believe there is a lot of good cookware available. Some stand out from the rest. For the average cook that does not stress their cookware, most cookware will do the job. For those who properly saute, braise, steam, and pan roast, you require a higher grade of cookware. You use higher heat. It needs to be oven safe at higher temperatures. It needs to be thicker to avoid warping when adding a cold liquid to a hot pan when deglazing. 

In these Cookware College articles you will discover the tips on buying the right cookware for you or for someone else as a gift. Cookware gifts are well received.