Anolon Ultra Clad Cookware

Anolon Ultra Clad Cookware

Anolon Ultra Clad cookware is healthy, dishwasher safe, induction ready, stylish and being fully clad with aluminum, a fantastic performer. Cooks will love Anolon Ultra Clad. I’m a big fan of stainless steel cookware and it’s great to see Anolon with more entries of stainless steel to their product line-up. Unlike other stainless steel cookware that is clad only on the bottom, Anolon Ultra Clad is clad with aluminum all the way up the side walls. This is a great benefit for cooks because it distributes heat not just on the bottom but all around the food. A cook will use a lower heat setting when making rice, oatmeal or other thick sauces or foods. 

Anolon Ultra Clad Cookware

  • Stylish exterior combines polished stainless steel with a classic black nonstick band
  • Crafted from three layers of metals–two layers of stainless steel sandwiching layer of heat-conducting aluminum
  • Professional-quality, domed stainless steel lid locks in moisture and flavor; comfortable silicone rubber handles for a cool touch
  • Dishwasher safe; oven safe to 400 degrees F; limited lifetime warranty

Anolon Ultra Clad Cookware

Anolon Ultra Clad cookware is fully clad stainless steel cookware with a heat distributing aluminum layer not just on the bottom but also up the side walls. This gives a cook the maximum control of heat and it uses less power also. Anolon Ultra Clad cookware is stylish and it has great performance. 

Healthy? Dishwasher Safe? Induction Ready? Price?
Healthy Cookware Dishwasher Safe Induction Ready Medium Price
Outside Material? Inside Material? Oven Safe? Clad?
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel 400 Degrees Fully Clad

Anolon Ultra Clad Cookware Set Details

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