Farberware Affinity Cookware

Farberware Affinity Cookware

Farberware Affinity cookware comes with Dupont Teflon nonstick interiors, professional grade, with Metal Guard. It is safe for use with metal utensils although sharp-edged and cutting tools are not recommended. The cookware‘s exterior is made of a metal flake porcelain meant to last and be very appealing to the eye. Farberware Affiniti cookware is available in several colors but the most popular colors are black and bronze. The 12 piece set is available in any one of these colors.The lids are made of glass so that you can see while cooking, while the perfect fit keeps in moisture and nutrients. The core material of each cookware piece is aluminum which provides an excellent even heat. 

Farberware Affinity Cookware

Farberware Affiniti cookware can be purchased in a 12 piece set, twin pack skillet set, or as separates. 

Farberware Affiniti cookware comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

 Farberware Affinity Cookware Dashboard:

Healthy? Dishwasher Safe? Induction Ready? Price?
NOT Healthy Cookware NOT Dishwasher Safe NOT Induction Ready Low Price
Outside Material? Inside Material? Oven Safe? Clad?
Porcelain Traditional Nonstick 400 Degrees Not Needed

Farberware Affinity Cookware Set Details:

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