Three Steps to Buy Cookware Right for You

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How to Buy CookwareBefore you buy cookware in a store or online, be sure it is the right cookware for you. Three factors determine that. Understand that there is no single best cookware for everyone. The best cookware, FOR YOU, is the one that matches your health concerns, cooking style, budget, and decor. Here is a simple 3 step process that will help you buy cookware, FOR YOU, at the best price.

How to Buy Cookware

1) Determine Your Cooking Type

What type of cook are you? Do you enjoy the cooking process? Do you need cookware that is dishwasher safe? Nonstick? Healthy? Clad with copper and/or aluminum just on the bottom or up the side walls also? The answers to those questions will greatly narrow down your cookware choices. See my exclusive article on Matching Cookware Materials to the Cook.

2) Select Cookware Materials

The second step is to choose the proper material for the job. Cookware materials include stainless steel, anodized aluminum, cast iron, copper, nonstick, and glass / ceramic / stoneware. The cookware material will dictate how easy it will be to clean. For example, stainless steel can usually be put into the dishwasher, whereas anodized aluminum usually cannot. The health aspects of the cookware material may also be of interest. New or used, cookware can leave trace amounts of metals, chemicals, and coatings in your food. See Cookware Materials.

3) Select Cookware Brands/Product Lines

The third step is to choose the cookware brand(s). Once you have determined which materials you want for which jobs, then it becomes easier to determine which brands to choose. Here you will see brands by cookware material, and a relative price comparison of cookware brands. While some manufacturers offer complete lines spanning many different materials, most specialize with a limited range of cookware materials. See Cookware Brands.


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