The Familiar Glass Bakeware Set

Pyrex Glass Bakeware

Glass bakeware is estimated to be in 75% of all households. The Pyrex glass bakeware set is indeed a familiar and used item in kitchens. Whether for baking desserts, transporting foods to a pot luck, or roasting everyone’s favorite chicken, the glass bakeware set has become an essential item in the kitchen.

Pyrex Glass Bakeware

A Long And Successful History For Glass Bakeware

9x13 glass bakewareIt was July of 1913. The wife of a Corning scientist, Bessie Littleton, encouraged her husband to adapt the new fracture resistant glass products used for railroad lanterns for use in the kitchen. The rest is history. Today, Corning and Pyrex are two of the most familiar brands in the kitchen. The remarkable thing is, even with all the new technologies available, glass and ceramic cookware and bakeware have not only endured, but changed with the times offering colors and versatility suitable for any kitchen.

 What Comes In a Glass BakewareSet?

Sets come in several varieties. One can find a 3-13 piece glass bakeware set that has oblong/rectangular bakeware, lids, spatulas, and transportation covers. Others add to these sets prep bowls, mixing bowls, and other shaped glass bakeware pieces. Including ceramic/porcelain/stoneware bakeware sets into the mix, you can get 1.5 quart to 3.5 quart oval/round casserole dishes with glass lids.

Glass Bakeware to the Pot Luck

A number of the standard 9×13 rectangular bakeware pieces are coming now with sealable lids, making them easy to transport. With hot/cold packs, and a transportation cover with handle, bringing a favorite casserole or dessert to a pot luck has never been easier. Since glass retains heat/cold well, thay are very suitable for transportation.

Why Use Glass Bakeware?

While glass does not distribute heat very well, it does retain it exceptionally well. Round glass pie dishes are common because of the uniform browning it can give to a pie crust. Glass bakeware is very durable, being chip and break resistant, in the oven, stovetop, refrigerator, or freezer. Ceramic/Porcelain/Stoneware bakeware adds color, uniform heating, and style. Prices are generally some of the best compared to other cookware materials. They make great bridal gifts or gifts for any occasion. Glass/ceramic/porcelain/stoneware is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, non reactive with foods, versatile, and healthy.

The glass bakeware set is an essential item in any kitchen. It has endured and changed with the times. With it being in an estimated 75% of kitchens, it says a lot. If you are looking for Corning Visions glass cookware, or the familiar ceramic dishes with the blue emblem on the side, be sure to read our article What Happened to Corning Glass Cookware?

Happy Cooking!



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